First Aid for Mental Health

At some point whether it be at work, home or socially, someone you know or care about may not quite be themselves or seem to be behaving differently.

How do you approach them to check in and see that they’re ok?

Then what do you do if they tell you they’re not alright?

What is First Aid for Mental Health?

Having an understanding about mental health, stress and its impact on people is helpful in these situations. Followed by having the confidence to be able walk into some else’s space and offer that initial help.

Providing mental health first aid is just as important as being able to provide regular first aid, and it is the crucial first step in the process before the person is referred on to a professional to continue that care.

St John’s First Aid for Mental Health course has been designed to cover all of this and equip you with the skills to be able to have these sorts of conversations and provide that immediate first aid care until you can help direct the person to the professional assistance they require.

Who is this training designed for?

Everyone can benefit from First Aid for Mental Health training, much like everyone can benefit from having traditional physical first aid training.

The course is particularly suitable for workplaces, to ensure managers and staff are able to assist each other in times of need.

Individual Course Details

Course price: $175 per person
Course duration: 1 day (9am – 4pm)
Max number participants per class: 12
Training locations:
St John Ambulance Perth CBD training centre – 67 Milligan Street, or your own venue for 6+ people

Corporate Course Details

* Mandatory field

First Aid for Mental Health with St John

As the experts in the first aid field, and with the number of people affected by mental health conditions on the rise, St John has created a First Aid for Mental Health course to give people the skills to be able to support colleagues, family members or friends who appear to be suffering from a mental health condition. Much like first aid for one’s physical health, first aid for mental health is also about learning how to provide initial care and being able to refer someone on to the appropriate professional care.

  • 125 years’ experience delivering first aid in WA
  • 1 day course, meaning less time away from work
  • This customised course has been created by industry experts and in consultation with WA businesses
  • Large focus on skills practice to improve confidence
  • No course pre-learning, no assessments

Topics covered in the course

Understanding mental health

  • What is mental health?
  • Breaking down the barriers to mental health
  • Mental health - it’s about mind, body and lifestyle
  • Physical health first aid vs Mental health first aid

Building mental health knowledge

  • How to recognise signs and symptoms of depression, anxiety, stress and suicidality
  • How do these signs and symptoms affect people?
  • Understand how to help someone from the first aid perspective

Putting first aid for mental health into practice

  • Helping others -
  • When to know when first aid is required (timing)
  • What you can do
  • How you can help
  • Effective communication – knowing what to say and how to say it

Taking care of yourself

  • Self-help techniques
  • Mindfulness/relaxation
  • Stabilisation techniques
  • Mind hacks